Alessandro Del Piero, Juventus star, admits to using ‘dirty tactics’ to win Serie A title

Alessandro del Piero has admitted to using “dirty tactics” to win the Serie A titles with Juventus.

The Juventus captain was at the centre of a spat with Inter Milan’s Leonardo Bonucci in the final minutes of the derby, and his tactics to beat his former club could be considered “dirty” by the Italian federation.

Del Piero won the Champions League and the Coppa Italia, while Bonucci was awarded Serie A’s best player award and the Parma coach Roberto Mancini was named the PFA’s Coach of the Year.

However, it seems the Italian football federation have decided that it is “not dirty tactics”, as they have handed out an amnesty to all the clubs involved in the spat, including Juventus.

According to reports, the amnesty has given Juventus €5 million (£4.8m), and it is not known whether Del Pieros team-mate Angel di Maria will be able to receive a similar sum.

It’s also not clear whether the amnesty will extend to players who were involved in another incident during the derby.

The Bianconeri have already had their share of problems this season, with a 6-0 defeat by Sampdoria in the Champions Leagues final leaving them 11 points adrift of fourth place, but Del Pieroes side have a good chance of keeping pace with the Serie B leaders.