Consumer Reports announces refrigerators will now have a time limit to cool their contents

Consumers may be looking for more than a simple fridge in their life.

As consumers become more educated about the cost of cooling their items, they may want to consider a refrigerators that allow them to choose when to use them.

The National Consumer Council is pushing for a new refrigerators standard that would limit how long the product can be used.

Consumers are also interested in the quality of the refrigerators used to store them, according to a report from Consumer Reports.

The consumer protection agency Consumer Protection Agency announced Tuesday that it will begin testing refrigerators with a time-limited period of use.

The new standard will allow consumers to choose how long they want to store refrigerators, and the new standard requires refrigerators to be used within a certain time limit, Consumer Reports reported.

Consumers can choose between one-year, two-year or three-year refrigerators.

Consumers will have to purchase a new refrigerator with the same number of years of use, but the time limit will be reduced.

Consumers must pay for the refrigerator’s replacement or a refund if they have purchased a new one within the time limits specified by the agency.

Consumer Reports is the consumer advocacy arm of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The agency says it hopes to have a new standard in place by early 2020.

Consumer reports has a history of supporting consumers when it comes to consumer protection.

In 2015, it published the results of a survey that found consumers are more concerned about their financial well-being than the financial impact of a bank default, according the New York Times.

The group also noted that the percentage of consumers who had an interest in a bank’s future was the highest it had been in 25 years.

In 2017, Consumer Report said consumers are paying a higher share of their income toward mortgage payments and credit card balances than they have in the past, but said that consumer spending has increased by nearly 3% in that period.

The report said that in the U.S. the consumer debt burden has increased in every major income group.

The Consumer Financial Safety Commission has also been monitoring consumer spending and financial security trends for the past few years.

The watchdog agency has said that consumers need to be prepared for unexpected costs and stresses.