Consumers will soon be able to use cell phone data to access data in other places, including in other countries.

Consumer Cellular Network’s new smartphone app, called Cellphone Data, is being designed to allow people in other markets to use the carrier’s data, such as in their own homes, in other locations and even to use other carriers’ data.

Cellphone Data will work across carriers, so it can be used in the US and Canada, but it will not work on other carriers.

The app will allow people to access their cell phone number on any carrier and, if they want, can be downloaded to a smartphone.

The carrier’s plan to allow users to access this data in multiple places will be an “enormous boon” for the company, said CMO Mark Siegel, who oversees the company’s consumer marketing.

Consumers will also be able “totally bypass the carrier in a way that was never possible before,” he added.

“If they go to another carrier, they’re going to go to the carrier they want.”

Cellphone data is currently available in the UK, Australia and Japan.

The new app will also allow consumers to use mobile data across the rest of the world, including mobile phone and landline data in countries including Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey.

It will not be available in Australia or Canada.

Cellular Mobile Network said the new app is “designed to give consumers a new, exciting way to access and use their data,” adding that it will “give consumers an edge over competitors who offer limited data services.”CNET has reached out to Cellphone Mobile Network for comment.