How to help with Teslas recall, regulators say

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Monday said it will begin a nationwide investigation into whether the $1.4 billion recall of Tesla’s cars has been linked to a safety recall of a Chinese manufacturer, and whether regulators will be able to prevent the recall.

In a statement, the bureau said the investigation is continuing, but the probe “has not yet identified any causal relationship” between the Tesla recall and the Chinese recall.

The bureau said in a statement that “the bureau will closely examine the relevant documents to determine whether they support an investigation into any potential connection between the recalled Tesla vehicles and the safety recall.”

The bureau did not name the Chinese manufacturer.

Tesla announced in August that it would recall all of its vehicles in China, a move that sparked a recall that has now been extended to the entire country.

It is the largest such recall in the United States, and is the first since 2014.

The Consumer Financial Protect Bureau is a division of the Department of Justice that investigates financial crimes and other abuses.

The agency has been investigating the safety issues related to Tesla’s Model S and Model X, and the cars’ battery packs, since August, and has begun reviewing Tesla’s financial statements.

The investigation is ongoing, the agency said.