How to make your home more energy-efficient

Consumer Reports has created a new energy-saving system for its home shoppers, which allows consumers to track how much energy they use each day.

The new system uses smart meters, which are connected to consumer products like thermostats, air conditioners and refrigerators.

Consumer Reports found that consumers who use the smart meters more often are using less energy, saving more than $1,500 annually.

The company also reports that consumers are saving an average of $50 a year on their electric bills because of the new energy management system.

The smart meters can also monitor energy use on devices like refrigerators, air-conditioners and washing machines, and they can alert consumers if they are exceeding the recommended daily energy use.

Consumers can download the software, called Smart Energy Meter, for free from the company’s website.

The product is a major upgrade from a system originally developed for use by Walmart stores in 2013.

The system uses a standard meter to track energy use, which is then fed into an energy tracking software called Energy Monitor.

The software tracks how much electricity consumers use each month and sends that data to an energy-savings tracking service, which then updates consumers’ energy consumption.

Consumers also receive alerts when they exceed the recommended energy use for a specific day.

Consumers have been using the system since March.

The consumer reports company is looking into new ways to save consumers money and help reduce energy consumption in the future.