NHL’s consumer rights update for 2018-19: The full story

The NHL’s 2017-18 NHLPA contract and the new NHLCPA agreement between the league and the players’ union will come into effect July 1, 2018.

The changes will be made retroactive to October 1, 2017, with players able to begin using the new collective bargaining agreement through that date.

The full impact of these changes is still being studied, but the league’s executive vice president of hockey operations, Bob Nicholson, said Tuesday the NHLPA agreement will have a major impact on how the league manages its finances.

Nicholson said he expects that, with the new CBA, the league will be able to maintain its financial flexibility.

The agreement will allow the league to spend more money on players and teams while retaining its flexibility in the salary cap, and the team will still have to have some revenue to keep salaries up, he said.

Nichols added that the new contract will also make the salary-cap situation much more predictable.

It will help the league manage its own cap situation, he added.