Nissan, LG to launch LG-branded Smartwatch 3D smartphone

Next Big Futures – Samsung is the first OEM to launch a 3D smartwatch in China, which LG has said will be launched in mid-2016.LG, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, has unveiled a smartphone in partnership with the Chinese company LG, which was set to launch its smartwatch 3.0 in early 2016.

The LG-made LG Smartwatch 2D has a 3-inch display, a 12MP rear camera, and 2MP front camera, but LG said it would be launched with an optional Bluetooth-enabled smartphone that is compatible with Android smartphones.LG said it was developing its own smartphone with an integrated 3D sensing engine, and that the new smartwatch will offer an improved user experience.LG has been working with Huawei Technologies for more than three years to develop its Smartwatch, a high-end smartwatch with 3D capabilities.

Huawei has developed a series of innovative and premium smartwatches and devices, including the SmartWatch 3D.

LG’s new smart watch will compete with the smartwatch market leaders.

The Chinese company’s announcement on Thursday said it has already received requests from LG-based smartphone manufacturers and OEMs for an LG-designed smartphone that can compete with LG’s own devices.

LG and Huawei have agreed to jointly develop the smartphone and collaborate on the smartphone’s software, LG said in a statement.