Verizon says it will stop selling phones that charge for data after FCC ruling

Verizon says that it will no longer sell phones that use wireless charging as an option for customers with monthly data plans.

The decision follows a federal appeals court ruling that Verizon failed to adequately warn customers about data charges and that it didn’t provide them with enough information about how much data they were getting from their phones. 

Verizon also announced a partnership with T-Mobile, a US carrier, to expand its LTE network, with the goal of expanding coverage to 20 million homes and businesses.

Verizon said in a statement that the partnership will “provide our customers with better coverage and more choices” in their plans.

Verizon and T-Mob have been competing in the wireless industry since 2013, when Verizon Wireless bought T-Mo, which had a dominant position in the market.

T-Mobiles plans included unlimited data for two years.

Verizon Wireless also announced it is expanding its LTE coverage to 10 million homes.

The carrier said it is still looking to sell phones in its new markets, but it is starting with “home and business customers” and will expand to other areas later this year.

 Verizon and Tether were the first carriers to sell cellular service through its $70-a-month “consumer mobile” plan, which offers unlimited data, data-only, and voice calls.

The decision by Verizon and the other carriers was welcomed by consumer advocacy groups who have long complained that consumers don’t have enough options when it comes to wireless service.

Consumers were unhappy with how they were treated by Verizon, with a study by the Consumer Federation of America finding that more than half of the nation’s consumers were dissatisfied with the phone companies service.

Verizon, which sells the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, also announced that it was discontinuing the ability for customers to pay for data.

The carriers said the move was made because it would “not provide any incentive for consumers to pay additional data charges,” according to a statement.