Which are the top brands for the consumer report?

This year’s consumer report has been a huge success.

There’s been more than half a billion pounds spent on brands to sell, and consumers have been so impressed with the results that they’re taking to social media to express their gratitude.

A new study by market research firm Kantar Worldpanel found that consumer loyalty is at its highest level since the financial crisis and that people have become more confident in the products they buy. 

According to the Kantar report, a whopping 77 per cent of consumers say they are very or extremely satisfied with their shopping experience, and just under half (48 per cent) feel they’re very or very satisfied with the products that they buy themselves.

“The most compelling brands are not only leading in sales, but also in the way they communicate their messages,” said Kantar Group senior vice president Simon Grieve.

“People really value and trust brands who have a commitment to the brands that they have come to love.”

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The survey revealed that consumers are increasingly buying from brands who take great care to meet the needs of their needs and have an easy-to-follow customer service strategy.

It also showed that consumers were becoming more willing to share their information online, which has the potential to transform how brands are able to market themselves to consumers.

Kantar said this year’s survey is an indication of how consumers are changing their behaviour and will continue to do so as they increasingly use social media platforms.

According to Kantar, consumers were more likely to share content on social media, and more people are using their mobile phones to access content and to shop online.

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